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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rocket Me to New York Contest~~


When we talk about Maybelline, i think everyone should be very familiar with it rite?
Even if u never use their product before, u should also heard bout their products...
YES?!  NO?!
C'mon, Don't tell me u don't know la..lol

Few weeks ago, i am glad that i saw a post on fb regarding the Rocket Me to New York Contest..
I was so excited and i decided to join it..
In order to join the contest, of course i should own a Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Mascara..
I am also glad that before i wanted to join the contest, i had already own the mascara..
And i am so amaze of the results after i apply it on my lashes..
Clump Free
Smudge Proof
Easy to Remove too
with high confident(due to the best result of mascara) and happy mood,
I took a picture of myself with the The Rocket Mascara on my lashes
Sent a picture of mine to their rocket app..
Pray Hard..

Oppsss...I forgot to mention bout the prize for this contest...
Oh yeah, at the end 2 winners gonna stand a chance to be rocketed New York...
It's fully expenses paid trip...
Cool right...
OMG...I wanna go New York..=)
Hope that i able to join the New York Fashion Week with Maybelline New York...
God Bless Me..=P

There are so many contestants join the contest..
But only 30 contestants will be selected as semi finalists..
Semi finalists were selected based on 30% online votes and 70% from panel of judges..
The Top 30 semi finalists will also been invited to join the rock the rocket party on 31th Oct..
and they will also receive a worth RM80 Maybelline goodie bag...
So good...

I am so happy that i able to make it into top 30..
I cant express how happy i am..
I don't even know how many votes i got from online votes as i forgot the due date of the contest..
So, i don't work hard to gain the votes..=P
Whatever la...
Anyway, thanks god and Maybelline, u make me be one of the lucky gal...
Spot me? lol
Let me show u a bigger one..hehe
**Shy shy**
Rock with the Rocket Mascara..

After got into the 30 semi finalists...
We are requested to reinterpret one out of the 3 maybelline looks for judges to award points
according to originality, creativity and overall beauty of the makeup look created..
They even send us the tutorials video for us to refer too...
So considerate one...
Good hor?

U can also refer the tutorials to create a beautiful makeover like them too..

After playing the videos for few times..
I decided to choose Graffiti Look..
i am so happy that the panel of judges like my makeover..
Yeah, i got into top 13 finalist..
Can u spot me now? lol
My make up consider light compare to others...**palm face**
I am so glad that i still able to make it to finalist...
I promise myself, i gonna do the best in the contest..
This is my first time that i able to get into finalist..

Ok, bigger picture for u..
In case u wanna see la..lol
Sorry for the bad quality picture..
i make the photo size bigger..
So the pixel jadi ini macam...lol
A little bit blur..

I am so satisfied with my makeover la actually..
Proud of me..ahahahaha...

Side look...
Show for fun la..

On this 31th Oct, i got to go through few more finale challenges for this contest..
wish me luck ya...
There's 4 challenges in total..
So stay tuned for more info bout the event...

Oh ya, on that day, we gonna be at Mid Valley early in the morning..
I am not sure bout the schedule..
But as i know we will be at Nichii Mid Valley..
So, meet us and support us at Nichii Mid Valley..
I will try to update more bout the event on that day thru my fb and instagram..

WOW, Let's rock...
Wait me ya, rock the rocket party!!
Can't wait the day to arrive..

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Recent Favourite Items~~

I am back with my small eyes...=)

Today gonna blog some of my recent favourite items...
It's cheap and i beg u gonna like it too...hopefully =P

For all the items i show here..
I will give them
5 out of  5 stars!!

OK, Let's get started :

If u used to read my previous post..
U should be familiar with this..
If not, u may have a read too... 
I found that i looked so ugly without makeup on...
Please bear with it..lol

Recently i like to curl my hair like this to my office...
It's simply and easy..
I curl my hair with those veins before i went to bed..
and of course they will need to sleep with me..=P
In the next day , i just need to pull off all the veins...
and viola...i got the pretty curl...
The curl will hold until the end of my office hour...

I cant remember the price of this veins, i bought it few years ago..
But u can now get this at supermodel secrets
They are now selling at RM23 only..=)

 Dove-Hair Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner

Familiar with this hair conditioner?
I think it can be easily found at every country..
It's cheap and useful..
I had been using this for quite some times...
If not mistaken, i had finished 4 of it...
and i love it..
They had just change their packaging..=)
I had restocked 3 of this hair conditioner at tesco with only RM10.90 each last week..
They are doing promotion at that time..
Normal price is RM14.90 if not mistaken..
Since it's cheap, so i grab 3..
Luckily i saw it..ahahaha..

Normally my hair will get tangled after i shampoo my hair..
So, i need hair conditioner's help to smooth my hair and remove those stupid tangles..
and i found this Dove-Hair Therapy Intense Repair Conditioner works really well on my hair..
I apply the conditioner on the tangled part and wait for few seconds..
Massage a bit..
and viola tangles removed..
U gonna try it if u have the same problem like me..
I believe that u will like it too...

I had tested on Dove-Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Condition too last time..
but i still prefer the Intense Repair one...
I feel that the texture of Intense Repair Conditioner is thicker..
The Intense Repair conditioner give me much moisture and softer hair..
and most important is it remove tangles much better too..=P

Miss Hana Eyebrow Pencil

I believe that most of you know this brand too...
If you don't know this, u may google it..
There are quite a lot good reviews on it out there.. 

I like their eyeliner..
It cheap and good enough to hold for whole day..
It's only 29.90..
I bought it at RM24.90 last time during their promotion season..lol

 It's easy to apply this eyeliner on your eye..
It's smooth and the colour is dark enough to make your eyes brighter and larger..
the texture is like something similar to gel liner...
smooth enough and hold better throughout the day..
It don't get smug, even i sweat like hell after jungle trekking...
The best eyeliner i had met temporary..

Kate Designing Eyebrow N

I get this from Hong Kong few months ago...
and i had forgot the actual price i used to get this..

I didn't use this for my eyebrow...
Indeed, i use it to contour my nose...lol
Make an illusion that i got a high nose...=P
and i like the result...ahahhaha..

Shu Eumura Hard Fomula Hard 9 Eyebrow Pencil

I prefer to use eyebrow pencil to colour and shape my eyebrows..
I found that it's easier and less time consuming compare to eyebrow powder..
and it think it's last longer too..lol
I got very fine and thin eyebrow...hehe

For this eyebrow pencil, i get myself 2 different colours..
One is seal brown 02 and another one is walnut brown 07..
Darker one is for shaping while lighter for colouring..
Then tadaaaaa....the natural eyebrows had done...

And what i like the most of this eyebrow pencil is... 
I found that when i trying to shape my eyebrows,
I'm able to draw/sketch it quite many times...
The colour wont go like too obviously uneven...
So i'm not worry to repeatedly sketch sketch sketch until i get my desire shape..=P
   So good..

My sis help me to get this with only RM70 each..=)
So, i don't know the actual price for this..
You may try to have a look at Shu Eumura outlet..
I think it cost about RM80++...maybe..
Actually the amount of usage is very minimum each time...
As we want to create the most natural look right..
So, i think this pencils can be used up to 1 year maybe..
So, the price should be ok for me la..haha..
acceptable la..=)

Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++

I am going to finish the second one soon~~ ='(
Bought this at Hong Kong too...
Cost me RM120..

This BB Cushion is great as a make up base..
It's give our skin moisture, and yet no oily effect...
However, the texture is quite light..
Cant cover much of the imperfection of my skin..
I dont have much pimples now, but i do have scars and dark circles which i hope to cover it..=(
 A little bit disappointment here as this BB Cushion cant help much..
However, it perfect for those who are flawless and need very light make up effect..

Even though this BB cushion cant cover my scars and pimples, i still love it..
1. It didnt clog my pores ---> less pimples, blackheads and rough skin
2. High UV protection ---> I feel that my skin tone are a bit lighter now, i wanna become princess snow white...lol
3. No oily effect

Normally after my daily skin care routine, i will apply BB cushion...
Then i will use concealer to conceal the dark circle and then make up..
That's all and i am ready to go out..=)

Olay Professional Pro-X advanced Facial Cleaning System

Bought this from Supermodels secrets too..
Also bought during they having promotions..
Glad that i manage to get it with RM99.90 only..
Now they are selling with RM119.90..
U can also get regenerist version at Watsons Malaysia with RM129.90..

Due to the advertisement, this brush able to cleanse 6 times better..wow..
So i bought and have a try on it..
Never try, we will never know right..

I am now using this brush to clean my face once everyday..
It actually can be used twice a day..
However i only use it once before i go to bed..
I like how this brush works on my face...
It spin gently and clean up the dirt and makeup impurities on my face really well...
Even the blackheads, pimples and the rough surface of my face turn less and smoother..
My mother who using this too also claims that it's amazing and she likes it..

Oh ya, i actually don't use the face cleanser that came together with this brush..
I use my own facial cleanser, however it still work pretty well too..

After this gonna share with u the maybelline products that i like...
I had used maybelline products since the first time i make up..
i like their products..
Especially their mascara...
Cheapest and the best..
Maybelline New York The Rocket Volum Express Mascara

I love this mascara...
It is wont cause clumpy and cockroach leg effect to my lashes..
The best thing i like is it can be easily removed with warm water...
This mascara also helps to volume and lengthen my lashes...
As the texture is quite thick, 
so it also managed to hold my lashes curled throughout the day..
Whenever i want my lashes to curl higher, 
i just need to use my finger to hold on my lashes for few seconds, 
then my lashes will stay at that curl condition..
I don't know this works on you or not, maybe u can try it too later...lol

Oh ya, u can get this at Watsons, Gurdian, Sasa or super/hypermarket...
Maybelline Products can be easily get around Malaysia one..=)
Don't worry..

Maybelline Lashionista Mascara

I get this from Hong Kong too..
It cost about RM40++ if not mistaken...
This one cant get at Malaysia yet,  i am not sure why..
However this is also a great mascara...

This mascara will create much natural look..
As it only give me the lengthen effect only...
It didnt volumn up my lashes, 
so it create much natural look, as u can see from the pic..
This mascara is more suitable for 
-those who dont want  to make up 
-but still want their eyes look charming, pretty and natural 

The benefits of this mascara is it able to lengthen ur lashes as long as u want..
BUT u need to be patient la of course...
U need to coat the fiber on your lashers layer by layer to get the length u desire..
Not so suitable for those who rushing in time..

If u are rushing time, rocket mascara is the best for u..

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner

The liner is really good to create a very fine line and the colour is just perfectly black enough..
Smudge-less too..
and i think it's good for those who new to make up as the tip is so fine and easy to control..
and it's cheap too, only RM18.90..
The best choice for those who have low budget..lol 

Maybelline Pure Concealer 01

Temporary the must use item everyday..
I got really serious dark circles around my eyes...
I hate it..
It look like panda...=(
So i need to get myself a good concealer to cover it...

Til now, this is the best i found for myself..
It cover my dark circle quite good, 
and it wont dried my eye areas which will cause fine wrinkles look obviously below my eyes..
Some concealer even make my eyes areas look grayish after i apply it..
So scary...
My brother said look like i had been punched by someone..wtf..

This concealer also able to cover my scars and pimples well..
the coverage of this concealer consider quite good at this price..
I bought it with RM17.90 only...
 Gonna get a darker shade after this..
Mix the darker shade and lighter shade together to cover the imperfection able to
Create much NATURAL look..i guess..lol

That's all for today..

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Aquarium, Phuket~~

Ho Ho Ho....
Again a super late post...

Not much writting also this time...
As usual.....
A lot of pics...
I found that most of the pics blur out...
So so so sad...

If u are in Phuket or soon will be at Phuket...
Have a visit to this aquarium...
It's Fun...

Here u have....

It's located quite far from karon beach (the place we stay)
About 45 min by motorcycle..
However i enjoy the ride, even it's really hot under the sun...

The reason that i like travel around with motorcycle are:
Of course it's cheap..(cut cost)
We also able to stop by wherever we want...
Especially when we met foods...lol
We stop by at some stall to try out their food..
Probably it's delicious...
Trust me..
 Next time i will try post bout food..

Here some pics along the way to aquarium...
More precisely, it's just infront of the aquarium..lol

Here is how the aquarium look like..
The entrance..

Here u get to know the entrance fee...
Not expensive right~~~
Stay few hours inside for just 100Bath...
I think it's reasonable price la..=)

Before went into the aquarium, we do have fun with this...

There is a small pool infront of the place we bought ticket..
At first, we just looking and taking pictures with it..
Slowly, we started put our hand in...
At last, we caught them out..lol

Toin toin...jelly feel..haha..

See our red and tanned face..lol
Sacrificed a lot for this trip...=)

Star fish..so pretty..

Ok, Now let's us visit aquarium...
The 1st aquarium u gonna meet when u step in is this..

Feed your hand to them, if u are kind enough..lol

 Jelly Fish..

See, this little boy was so excited..lol 



 Crossbreed Cichlid~~

Tigerstripes Catfish~~ 

Red Squirrelfish (with lines on their body) & Doubletooth soldierfish (the red one)

Diamond fish~~ 

Longfin Bannerfish~~

Miles's Lionfish~~ 

Long-horned Cowfish~~
I like this.. 

 kiss kiss~~Muacksss...

Messmate Pipefish~~ 

Longspinee Urchin~~ 

Ow...They got pretty podka dots prints... 

Higebeak Shrimp~~ 

 What a good poser...lol

Pay a visit to Aquarium,Phuket ya..

-The End-

There are actually still a lot of pics..
Too bad that its blur..
So i don't pose it here..Hehe

After we went out from aquarium..
There is a souvenir shop and a cafe..
So we just hang around there for a while.. 

What a big big fish... 

My happy boy~~ 

Me with a baby fish... 

The souvenirs~~
There are so colourful and cute~~

Me with my favourite watermelon ice-cream..
I miss it..
Do u know where else i can get it?
It is not available in Malaysia and even Hatyai, Thailand..='(